Women’s Therapy


We can heal ourselves from depression, anxiety, self and body hatred and the ways that we deny ourselves and our self expression. We can wake up to our own aliveness, inner peace, joy and power.

A woman’s life journey is rich and unique and receiving support in a therapeutic process can be a vital lifeline for a woman in all stages of life. Women are “wired” to attend and give to others, and we often carry many responsibilities and wear many hats. As young girls we often were taught to focus externally, to please others and perform, often with little support for our own self exploration and self expression. This can result in a disconnection with our inner lives, our true Self and our Soul. If we were denied self expression, or abused emotionally or physically, we develop a lack of self love and self worth. This results in a search for approval outside of ourselves, and can create feelings of deeper dis-ease, exhaustion, pain or disconnection under the surface. It takes courage and support to be able to look at these wounded places – and they are also the KEY to accessing our true power.  When we give ourselves the right support to really attend and see the ways we have learned to dim ourselves and the parts of us that had to go unexpressed, we can then learn how to reconnect with our True Self with life transforming results. However, we need other women who have traveled this journey to accompany us. I am honored to be your guide on this path of awakening.

Women are being called now to do this more than ever – and to find and honor our own unique voice and energy. We can learn how to give back to ourselves and it is ESSENTIAL for our lives. Therapy can help !

I can help guide you to find the ways to support yourself so that you can feel more balanced energized, calm, whole and peaceful – so that you can give and receive in your life from a place of completeness rather than depletion. I love working with women in all phases of life: from early 20’s to women in their senior years. One of my specialities is Women in the phase of Mid-life, Menopause and post Menopause.

I welcome all women into my therapy practice and would love to support you to find your power, passion, balance and fulfillment.

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