Guided Imagery


Guided Imagery (sometimes called Therapeutic Imagery) is a gentle and powerful technique that focuses and directs the mind and imagination, and utilizes the principle of the body-mind connection to create shifts, healing and transformation. Over the past 25 years the effectiveness of guided imagery has been increasingly established by research that demonstrates its positive impact on health, creativity, performance and well being. Research has shown that even 10 minutes of imagery can reduce blood pressure; lower stress chemicals and cholesterol; reduce anxiety, and increase hopefulness and the immune response. One of it’s principles is that to the body, images created in the mind can be experienced as is the actual event is occurring. For example, when you imagine cutting open a lemon and then bringing a piece of it to your mouth, you will probably salivate and even feel a pucker as if you are tasting it’s sour flavor… try it ! These sensory images can be sourced from our deepest wisdom and intuition and are the true language of the body. The images that arise from the deeper parts of ourselves can assist in healing, developing resilience with impact on our health on all levels.

I have used guided imagery with many of my clients facing everything from depression, anxiety and illness, to stress symptoms, fear and grief with powerful results. Guided Imagery is one of the ways I help my clients to find their own inner resources that can be immediately accessed anytime. I hold a certificate in Guided Imagery from the Institute for Health and Healing at California Pacific Medical Center and have been using it successfully with my clients for over ten years. I am happy to speak with you more about how Guided Imagery can help you and be a part of our work together.

Guided Imagery involves not just the visual sense, but all of the senses that we have: touch, smell, taste, hearing. Guided Imagery is a “right brain” activity – so engaging in it also helps us expand other areas related to the right brain, like laughter, sensitivity to music, spirituality, intuition and empathy. Because Guided Imagery mobilizes unconscious processes to assist with conscious goals, it can help to draw out our strength and motivation as well.

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