Chronic and Life Threatening Illness


I believe that the journey of illness can be an experience of awakening to the Essence of who we really are…

When one is are facing chronic or life threatening illness, life holds many challenges. There may be chronic pain and physical limitations; there may be intense anxiety and fears about the future. If one is in treatment for cancer or other serious illness, there are physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of going through treatment that impact every part of one’s life. There are real fears about the unknown. A person may feel different feelings towards their body – including feelings of betrayal by the body and illness. There is also facing the losses of capacity, of our familiar identity or of our hopes and dreams. It is a time of challenge in looking at the bodies’ potential capacity for healing as well as it’s limitations and even one’s own mortality. If you are facing illness, it can be extremely helpful to have support during this time.

I have spent many years working with people with cancer, as well as other chronic illnesses. I have worked in both outpatient and inpatient hospital settings doing psychotherapy and counseling as well as guided imagery, expressive arts and yoga therapy. In my work with people I offer compassionate, focused support for your specific needs. I often utilize Guided Imagery, and relaxation skills, mindfulness, and body focused work to help my client learn tools that can be used immediately. These tools help manage anxiety and the stress response as well as access deeper parts of  ourselves that can be supportive in facing illness. The modalities I offer can facilitate reconnecting with feelings of well being which can lead to increased health. My clients have reported that they can start to feel some relief and a sense of well being from our first session. It can help to learn that there are simple powerful tools that can help manage symptoms. When we feel we have some control over symptoms, that in and of itself can help to increase resiliency and hope. If you are facing chronic or life-threatening illness, I would welcome the opportunity to support you. I invite you to contact me to discuss what your needs are.

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