What our work might look like….

I always invite my clients to start where they are. No matter what you are facing, I welcome you. Where you are right now is the perfect place to begin. We may explore what beliefs, emotions and thoughts are happening through sensing your body experience and patterns of tension in your body and ┬ábreath patterns. We will identify negative beliefs and patterns of thinking and behaving that may be driving you, but aren’t serving you. We may explore your experience through non-verbal modalities like gesture, drawing, movement or guided imagery – which can help you access deeper parts of yourself and may provide insight and expression that can help you find answers and insights to help you feel more capable and whole. *** use of these non-verbal modalities can provide access to change and transformation more quickly that simply “talking” about an issue. This is because these ways of accessing the deeper places that are less conscious and that may be causing you to feel or behave..Together we will develop and access resources through your mind, body and imagination that can serve to support you in creating and embodying the changes you wish to see in your life.

I may offer specific practical tools skills that you can use from the very first session to help you manage stress, anxiety, grief, anger and the pressures and challenges that you are facing.

Increase sense of hope, joy in your life, meaning and connection, and a sense of internal peace
Activate your own creative source so that you can live a life with deeper meaning, aliveness, joy and abundance
The good news is, that YOU are not your symptoms…. whether they are depression, anxiety, disconnection or relationship problems…
Live in the present in a way that feels genuine and connected rather than from habitual ways from the past that keep us stuck in the same familiar patterns…

When we are born, we are fully connected to this Essence or creative source. You can see it in the authenticity of children . As we grow and develop, we begin to have to mold and shape ourselves in order to fit the requirements of our families, culture, etc. and often we begin to lose track of our creative source and deepest longings. This is where therapy can help.
Often, the experiences of dis-connection, inner struggle, lack of meaning stem from not being seen and understood in the ways we needed earlier in our lives. We end up having to dim our “light” , our Essence, in order to cope and get through, or fit in. As a result we may feel a disconnection that can impact all areas of our lives – work , family relationship, creativity and life purpose.
When we lose connection to our creative source, we may find ourselves facing challenges like depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, as well as feeling disconnected from others. We may have relationship problems, feel alone, isolated or have trouble being alone. We may look for ways to distract ourselves from the pain of feeling disconnected.

I can help you reconnect with your “light” your Essence, to regain balance and feel more confident, and resilient, so that you can live a fuller, more authentic, more connected life filled with joy, passion and meaning !
Together, we will journey to reconnect to your creative source so you can feel fulfilled in your life you are living.