It is my intention that through our therapy process you will increase your sense of hope, joy and fulfillment in your life…

You are taking the first step in supporting yourself to have a more fulfilling, creative, authentic and meaningful life. I offer compassionate, effective, depthful therapy and I welcome you to contact me to discuss how therapy can help you reach your goals.

Life on our planet is challenging. We are in times of great change and upheaval. Many people are seeking ways to feel more balanced, peaceful, fulfilled, hopeful and alive and a deeper connection to themselves and others.

Integrative Psychotherapy is about creating healing and transformation by bringing in all parts of oneself – body, mind, emotions, and spirit. An integrative approach, sometimes called “holistic”  involves incorporating what is happening on a body (somatic) level, with our emotions, thoughts and experiences so that we can move from feeling dis-connected and dis-eased, to feeling more whole, easeful, alive and fulfilled.

“Your vision will be clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”    -Carl Jung

You may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, isolated, sad, depressed, or anxious. You may be feeling disconnected from your body or your own sense of joy and aliveness. You may be facing a chronic or life threatening illness and need support in navigating this terrain. You may have hopes and dreams for your life but feel held back in how to manifest them. You may have a lot of good things in your life, but feel a sense of lack of satisfaction, or purpose. You may also have had experiences of abuse or trauma from your past and realize that you need to get support to help move through and heal on a deeper level. I invite you to explore how working with me in therapy can assist you in your healing and transformation.

I create a space for you that is welcoming, compassionate and nonjudgmental. I support your innate capacities and strengths, and guide you to see the places where you may reacting or stuck in old patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you. Through awareness of your mind and body states, and Belief change modalities like EMDR and EFT, we will uncover, and transform limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you from feeling more real, authentic and truly happy in your life. I will assist you in accessing your own inner wisdom, innate strength and creative capacities. I welcome all parts of you as we navigate this healing journey together. 

Some Ways I work: * Also see My Approach –  Somatic  – Body focused, Guided Imagery – using images/imaginal realm for insight and healing, Mindfulness-Heartfulness, EMDR, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Expressive Arts, Authentic Movement, EcoPsychology.

Areas of Specialty:  Women’s Issues, Grief and Loss, Life Purpose, Anxiety and Stress Management, Depression, Life Transitions, Conscious Aging, Spiritual/ Transpersonal, Chronic and Life Threatening Illness, Trauma, Creativity.

“To Live a rich life we have to be in contact with our inner world…” –Marion Woodman